It’s important to think about wiring once the framing is going up and before the insulation is sprayed (if spray foam insulation is elected). In this stage we will:

  • The Rough-in stage involves installing plumbing with top-outs, HVAC duct work, and electrical wiring.
  • The HVAC stage includes calculating A/C Load for energy efficiency. We want your house to be nice and cool.
  • Next we add the structured wiring including surround sound, home automation, computerized lighting, etc. We’ve worked with plenty of home automation companies, so we know the importance of planning this in advance. Remember, it’s always good to run more wire, just in case you’ll want something in the future.
  • At the end of the Mechanical stage we walk-through the home with the customer and review details on electrical wiring, swimming pool (if chosen), stereo/computer wiring, TV wiring and cabinets.