Our History


Courtesy Born

In 1993 Courtesy Custom Homes (then C&R Construction) was born. We started with a small vision and idea in mind. The RGV deserved better homes. Better homes that are designed with them in mind. But not just homes that were designed better, but homes that were built better. Strong foundations. Quality construction. Smart designs. And most importantly a better building experience.

Off we went and the rest is pretty much history. Our history. See some of our other accomplishments along the way by clicking the years above.


Four Years Later

Four years after opening our front doors we became one of the top home building companies in the RGV. We started building homes for all families from all walks of life. Whether it was a modern home, a classic home or a Spanish style home, we were bringing satisfaction to all of our home owners.

100 Homes Built

In late 1997 we started construction on our 100th home. While there were still many more to come, this was a huge milestone for us. We’re proud to say that home is still standing strong today with the same family that built it, living in it. Happily satisfied and looking to spend another 20 years in it.


Commercial Buildings

In 2001 we expanded our portfolio from Residential buildings to commercials & residential. Our first commercial project was quite the undertaking, but we delivered a beautiful project that left the Clients happy. Our mini-shopping plaza housed 4 offices/retail shops located in McAllen. The owners of the building were very satisfied because they were able to rent out their spaces quickly! Everyone loves a nice built retail office.


A New Name

After serving home builders throughout the RGV for 13 years under the C&R Construction name, we decided it was time for a name change. We wanted our customers to understand we weren’t just your average home builder. Then it hit us after speaking to our over 200 home owners. “You guys are the most courteous builders I’ve ever worked with.”  And like magic, Courtesy Custom Homes was born!

Our Skills

By now Courtesy Custom Homes had expanded into many different building skills other than just homes. Here are a few below:

  • Residential Homes
  • Residential/Commercial Apartment Complexes
  • Condos
  • Restaurants
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Commercial Plazas

Apartments! Apartments!

In 2011, Courtesy Custom Homes designed their first large scale apartment complex. While we had built apartments before, this was the first complex we built that could house over 100 families! The apartments were all built intelligently. We believe that good design + solid construction always leads to a quality dwelling. Whether you’re looking for a new home, some retail/commercial development or an apartment complex built on your land, Courtesy Custom Homes can help!


A New Logo

After working for 9 years with the Courtesy Custom Homes name, we had finally looked into a new logo design. Something classic, but clean. Something beautiful. Something that told our story. Something that portrayed just what type of a company we are. And there you have it. The new Courtesy Custom Homes logo.

500 Homes Built!

2015 was a big year for us. We built our 500th home in the RGV. And still 22 years later, all happy customers. Our 500th Custom home was a beautiful site at 5,532 sq. ft. built in Sharyland. After we finished our team actually said, “Well, let’s get working on 501.” Let us start designing and building your dream custom home today!

Our Passion For What We Do Is Seen In Our Homes

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Homes Built
Awards Won
Commercial Projects

Ready To Build Your Courtesy Custom Home? Well, We Are Waiting To Build It!